Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life on a Flash Drive

Here I am! On Saipan!

No, I haven't forgotten my promise. I'm right now sequestered in my apartment on Saipan working on a software program to streamline my communication with the many lists I manage. I know it's not the exciting details of a nomad's adventure you might be anticipating, but this is all very necessary. Prior to this, I had lists on numerous platforms for different sites. I would send my emails to the FreeSummerConcerts mailing list from one software, then send my PassionProfit emails through another online software, etc.

Now, as I finalize all the challenging little bugs and such in the PERL program to get the program to do everything I want, I'll be able to log into one software, and send announcements and updates to the SaipanLiving list, the Chicken Feathers and Garlic Skin list, the HipHopEntrepreneur list, as well as many others!

THEN, once I'm in Vietnam, or Czech Republic, or Ghana, I won't even need my laptop in order to communicate. I could run my life from a 1-inch flash drive!

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