Saturday, July 17, 2010

Double Rainbows on Saipan! Here's what it means

So, my friend Angelo sent me a link to the youtube film of a fellow getting pretty, um, inspired by a double rainbow. The video on Youtube has received over 5 million views! Five Million!!

Now, for anyone blogging or doing business on the internet, "hits" or "page views" or "visits" is what it's all about! So, what that means is--I couldn't help wondering this, as I do business on the internet--that if I had acted like I was in physical ecstasy when I photographed this double rainbow on Saipan (included in the book, Jamaican on Saipan), I could have gotten millions of hits for my book!

Here are my own actual, real-life double rainbow shots, shot about a year and a half ago on the island of Saipan, before I knew just how famous it COULD have made me....soundtrack not included.

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