Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Clear plastic bag? What's the point?

When I was growing up in Jamaica, it was pretty well understood by all that the purpose of a supermarket grocery bag--whether paper or plastic--was two-fold. 1. to carry the items purchased which would be too cumbersome to hold in one's hands, and, more importantly, 2. to afford a measure of privacy so the world wouldn't "know your business." The contents of your shopping bag, as you strolled back home, were a private matter between the store owner and you.

So, today, when I purchased a box of raisins at a local market, the cashier bagged it in a clear (as in "see-through"), I refused the bag and opted to carry my bought box of raisins in hand. I mean, what was the point? It was a single item, easily carried in one hand. There was no privacy, as anyone who cared to look would know what I purchased. (And, hey, the store could save a penny and use the bag for another less-eccentric customer.)

I've watched silently over the years as supermarket plastic bags have gotten as thin as shear stockings (and equally transparent), but no more! I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore! It's time to stand up and reclaim our right to shopping privacy!!!

hmmmm. Or maybe I could bring my own re-usable bag. Maybe that was their plan all along....

Yes, that's where I am right now!

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