Monday, June 7, 2010

Rasta in health practice

"Their ital diet comes straight out of the Bible, from Levitcus and Deuteronomy, with a lot of very specific rules about what you can and cannot eat. No meat except small fish, no milk of any kind, no eggs, no salt, nothing processed and only the fruits, nuts and vegetables that grow in their own gardens, eaten raw if possible."

"The natural lifestyle of an original Rasta in Jamaica - alone, isolated, surrounded by nature, eating only what grows in his garden, no distractions like radio, television or the internet - has embraced fulltime a method which guarantees him a brain that will attune to higher, spiritual intelligences..."

A few excerpts from an interesting site featuring profiles of a Rasta...

Interesting, how that's the lifestyle I'm drawn to even living in the heart of Babylon (New York), and what now draws me to live a nomadic, vegan/raw, close-to-nature lifestyle here in the Pacific....

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